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Published: 11/03/2011 12:23 

Charlie Baxter 

Songwriter, Producer & Record Label Assistant

The course really appealed to me as it was one of the more thorough contemporary music degrees I looked at.

Many were just focused on either music production or business, whereas this one covered both and more. It seemed a good way of trying out and learning about all the different aspects of a career in music.

Like most people I really enjoyed all the practical elements of the course - I took every opportunity to be involved in production work and was often found in the studio working with many other students, and always trying out new ideas. I also really enjoyed researching and writing about some of my favorite musical movements, scenes and - of particular interest to myself - record labels. Being able to learn and write about these and all the associated cultures was fascinating to me. Also meeting a load of amazing, creative and fun people helped with the enjoyment of the course!

I learnt a lot about every area of the music industry, from production tips in the studio to running a business. Specifically I went from quite a limited knowledge of music production before University to a place where I can be happy that my work competes with current commercial releases. Most importantly I learnt to open my ears to new music, ideas and ways of working.

Charlie now works for independent label Almighty Records remixing and distributing tracks, as well as performing his own music at live events

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