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Published: 11/03/2011 10:34 

Student Profiles - Tim Tolhurst 

First Year

What attracted you to the Popular Music degree at UoG?
The facilities available at the University and the diverse choice of modules available. Also the access to guest lecturers.

What skills would you say have been most useful in learning?
A thorough understanding of the music industry today to help support a career in this constantly changing profession. Also a more in depth understanding of the practicalities behind achieving an outstanding result in a recording studio, and along the way as much experience as possible in the studio and live sound production industry.

What do you enjoy in particular about the POM course?
Definitely the practical aspects; studio production and song writing. Also the ability the lecturers have to constantly adapt and keep the content and context of lectures up to date with current trends and events occurring in the music industry.

How do you feel about the opportunities that the course can provide?
Excited. As well as the academic prospects presented by the course other opportunities exist through A/V Club, which wouldn't be available outside the University.

What music do you most listen to and why?
Mostly jazz and funk. The jazz can help instill certain moods but also satisfies an attraction to listen to technically proficient music in an attempt to personally development an aural understanding of the music. Also, the funk just helps you chill out, especially while working.

What are your ambitions for after you finish the course?
Either to work in music sound production, whether studio based or live, or possibly look at education. Already had previous experience teaching and working in educational establishments and it's really enjoyable.

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