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Published: 24/02/2011 13:41 

Holly bids goodbye to Big Brother 

UoG TV Student Holly Squelch backstage at Big Brother 2010Holly Squelch said goodbye to Big Brother this summer, after working on the show for the past three years.

Holly has worked on the Live Team, on subsidiary show ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’ and on the ‘Reality Team’ operating cameras hidden behind ‘mirrors’ made of one-way glass.

Holly is extremely enthusiastic about her experiences on Big Brother.  This year she worked almost every day from Launch to the wrap, but despite the hard work, she still describes it as an ‘amazing experience’, recalling the night when a storm flooded the BB House.

“The storm made the roof collapse and rain poured into the house and the camera-runs.  We had to save the equipment and evacuate the Housemates, which was actually very funny.  We all thought we were going to get home early but they called in industrial vacuums, fixed the roof, lights & hotheads in a matter of hours and had us all back in the house filming by midnight.”

In summary, she says “I have met amazing people over the years, and done some amazing things that I would never have got to do in any other industry”.

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