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MacLean, Malcolm (Dr.) 

Malcolm Maclean, Associate Dean Quality & Standards, Reader in Culture & History of Sport at the University of Gloucestershire

Malcolm Maclean

Associate Dean Quality and Standards and Reader in the Culture and History of Sport

Telephone: +44 (0)1242 715158


I am a historian by training with degrees in anthropology and sociology, and I am interested in the cultural and social experience and identities associated with sport and exercise, and especially in sport as a cultural industry and practice. My job is split equally between an academic post and a management post. In the School of Sport & Exercise I teach sociology and history in undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as supervising research degrees in sport, history and play. The other half of my job is in Academic Registry, where as Associate Dean, Quality & Standards I deal with academic regulations and procedures. My working life has included time in New Zealand and Australian universities as well as trade unions and community groups and the public service in both countries.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Sociology/Human Movement Studies) - University of Queensland, Australia. Title: Confronting Foundational Myths: Apartheid, Rugby and the Post-Colonising of Aotearoa/New Zealand - Awarded 2004
  • Master of Arts in History - Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (1994). Thesis title Wellington’s Class Prison: Holloway Road, 1919-1939.  Steps Towards and Analysis of the Material Basis of Working Class Daily Life.  Awarded, 1994
  • Bachelor of Arts (with Second Class, First Division Honours) in History, VUW. 1989.  Research essay title The Perplexing Rapprochement: F. P. Walsh and the Communists.  Awarded, 1989
  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Massey University, New Zealand. Awarded, 1982

Areas of research interest and teaching expertise

My teaching and research interests are based in my background in history and anthropology which have given me a ‘view from below’. I am interested in ordinary experiences of cultural and social life, with an emphasis on power, resistance, struggle and the identities related to those experiences. My sport and exercise work addresses three major areas:

  • popular culture, especially film, music and fashion, including issues of both consumption and production; 
  • popular movements, especially activist political campaigns, with an emphasis on boycott movements including anti-apartheid politics; and 
  • colonial and imperial history, especially the sport and body culture experiences of indigenous and colonised peoples.

I also have a particular interest in qualitative research methods, especially research design and research ethics.

Research degree completions

  • Cultural Technology and Sporting Value: A Philosophical Investigation. PhD. Carl Thomen. 2012
  • Building a repertoire: exploring the role of active play in encouraging physical literacy in children. MA. Patrizio de Rossi. 2011
  • De-Mystifying the Muslimah: Exploring Different Perceptions of Young Muslim Women in Britain. PhD. Sariya Contractor. 2010
  • Developing character Education in Physical Education and Sports: a virtue ethical account. PhD. Rona Brodie (2006)

Current research students

  • An investigation into the reasons that contribute to the decision of highly skilled Tanzanians to migrate to the UK. DBA, Anna Makakala. Due for completion 2013.
  • The evolution of the health care delivery system in the Islamic Caliphate (632 AD – 1258 AD) as a function of state. PhD, Basem Khalil. Due for completion 2013.
  • A graphic anthropology of adults' lines of moving and seeing within children's play sites. PhD, Francis Barton. Due for completion 2017.
  • Young persons’ personal protection: Perceptions and education. PhD, Jim Clough. Due for completion 2014.
  • Examining the fitness for purpose of MBA Learning. PhD, Jocelyne Fleming. Due for completion 2014.
  • Qualitative Audience Study of Lesbian Football Fanship. PhD, Kirsty Clarke. Due for completion 2017.
  • Tourism, Protected Areas and Community: Investigating the Role of Tribal Parks in Fostering Cultural Identity and Socio-Economic Sustainability. PhD, Rob Ferguson. Due for completion 2013.
  • Picking up the pieces – a study of youth organisations’ response to contextual change in Gloucestershire. PhD, Steve Bullock. Due for completion 2017.
  • To bring play to life and life to play: Interrupting dominant narratives of play, childhood and adulthood. PhD, Stuart Lester. Due for completion 2014.
  • The Dialectics of Playwork: a study of playworkers using Cultural Historical Activity Theory. PhD, Wendy Russell. Due for completion 2014.
  • Young People and Interventions: An analysis of the relationship between professional values, ideology and praxis in the social care sector. PhD. Justin Dunne. Due for completion 2017.
  • The Place and Limits of Competition in the Physical Education Curriculum. MA. Steve Piper. Due for completion 2014.

Journal articles 

'Occupying a cultural Commons: reclaiming the labour process in critical sports studies.’ Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics (forthcoming) DOI:10.1080/17430437.2014.849449

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Book chapters

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Academic conferences 

'Revisiting (and revising?) sports boycotts: from rugby against South Africa to soccer in Israel’ ISHPES Routledge Keynote Lecture, 14th ISHPES Congress, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. 18-23 August 2013.

‘A Profound Gap in Knowledge – the Absence of Clubs from Sports History’ North American Society for Sports History Conference,, St Mary’s University, Halifax NS, Canada. May 2013.

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Membership of professional bodies  

University of Gloucestershire, The Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 2RH. Telephone +44 (0)844 8010001.