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The Importance of Learning Skills 


To get the most out of your University programme of studies, it is important that you continue to develop your learning skills. The University actively supports this through a personal development programme embedded in your course, and encourages you to reflect on it through Personal Development Planning.  We encourage you to reflect on your current skills and how you learn and there are skills audits and learning styles surveys to help.  We also have experienced academic and learning support staff to assist.


Personal Development Planning (PDP)

If someone asked you, ‘What’s the point of doing a degree?’, would you say:

to get a high-level academic qualification?

to find out more about a subject you like?

to get a good job afterwards?

What these motivations have in common is a focus upon development. Most people hope that the experience of degree-level study will offer them opportunities and challenges which will help them to develop and grow. Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a process which prompts you to reflect upon this development in a purposeful way, enabling you to gain maximum benefit from all the experiences University life offers.



Learning Skills

By being accepted for entry as an undergraduate onto the programmes here you have obviously demonstrated a certain proficiency in your study habits, knowledge and ability. However, in order to get the most out of your course, it is important to work at developing your study skills and techniques even further. There is a whole range of skills that you might need to develop to succeed in your degree and in your future career.


Career Planning

Many people who complete a degree hope it will lead to a better career, even if at the start they don’t have a particular career in mind. However, the job market is ever more competitive, with an increasing number of graduates hunting the same jobs. Skill development is not only useful to help you learn and succeed on your degree; employers are looking for graduates with strong 'transferable skills', developed through their degree course. Engaging in Personal Development Planning can make a big difference to getting the career you want.

Often students don’t think about a career until near the completion of their degree. However, if you start thinking about your employability early in your studies then you can take extra steps to make yourself as attractive as possible to employers. For example, you can choose to do certain modules, or look for particular work experiences, or engage in specific volunteering activities. The University has a skilled and helpful Student Employability Team, who aim to help students right from the start of their University life. It is a good idea to start using their Employability Hub soon after you arrive.



Getting Started with Skills Planning

It is never too early to get started on thinking about and planning for your skills development. Click on the link below to learn about things you can do before you come to University to make yourself better prepared:

Before You Come.

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