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Pre-arrival and move-day information 

How do I apply for Accommodation? 

To be eligible for halls accommodation you must meet the following criteria:

  • be starting as a new, first year undergraduate, and
  • be a full time student holding an unconditional or conditional FIRM offer (UF or CF) at this University.


  • be starting as an international postgraduate with a firmly accepted offer.

If you meet this criteria you can apply online for accommodation here 

When should I apply for my accommodation? We recommend students apply for accommodation as soon as they firmly accept their offer with our University.

I applied online and received a message saying the security code has been sent, but I can't find it.  What do I do? First check your spam folder.  If the email is not there then please call or email the accommodation office for further assistance, 01242 714544.

Can you guarantee Halls of Residence to all first year students? There are not enough places to accommodate all those students who wish to go into Halls, so we allocate rooms as fairly as possible in date order of receiving applications.

I’ve yet to apply for halls accommodation, is it too late to be allocated into Halls of Residence?

If you hold an Unconditional firm offer with the University of Gloucestershire and apply for accommodation by May 1st 2014 you will be guaranteed a place in Halls of Residence.
If you hold a Conditional firm offer with the University of Gloucestershire and apply for accommodation by April 30th 2014 you will you will be guaranteed a place in Halls of Residence

What options will I have if I don’t get a Halls place? If we are unable to offer you a place in Halls of Residence you will be sent information which will go through the alternative accommodation options available to you, which includes the following options:

  • A waiting list for when Halls spaces become available.
  • Registered Housing information.
  • Housing Hunting Event information: this is where we invite you to the University to meet fellow students who are also looking for alternative acccommodation. You then spend the day looking at the available accommodation. 

I have an insurance offer, should I apply for accommodation now? You will be unable to apply for accommodation until you hold a firm offer with our University.

How will I know if I’ve been allocated a room in Halls of Residence? We allocate our Halls of Residence in June and send out room offers via email in July 2014. This email features a link to accept your Room Offer, Halls information and our Terms and Conditions. You will need to pay a £200 booking fee and set up a direct debit at this stage. You will have 7 days from the date you receive your room offer email to fully complete this process.

My son/daughter is currently out of the country, what do I do? All the processes to accept a room can be completed electronically anywhere in the world so if your child has access to a computer
and internet access they will be able to complete the process within the provided 7 days.

The deadline accepting the offer has passed and I haven’t done it.  What can I do now? Email or phone us as soon as possible. If we have offered your room to someone else, we may still be able to offer you an alternative, or put you on the waiting list.

If I want to go back home because I'm not required to be in lectures can I terminate my contract?
No, academic courses may have different structures and require you to be in attendance less than the 40 weeks duration of your accommodation contract. There is no early release however based on your course structure. This is clearly stated in the room offer.

I’ve been offered halls but I have now made my own arrangements and no longer need the room? Please let us know as soon as possible, as we can then allocate the room to someone else. If you inform us at least 14 days before the start of the licence commencement date, the booking fee, minus a £50 administration charge, will be refunded. If after that date, the full booking fee will be retained by the University.

I’ve been offered a room but it’s not the room I wanted, can I transfer? Room transfers will not be possible until the student moves into Halls of Residence. You can request to go on the transfer list when you collect your keys on move-in day.

I want to move out of Halls and into a house during the academic year, is that possible?  The contract you sign is for the full academic year (40 weeks) and you will be liable for the rent of your room until a replacement is found.

Can I move to a different room during the year? This is possible but subject to the availability of available rooms. There is normally a £50 admin fee to move rooms. No room moves will take place during the initial three weeks of term.

I will be under 18 years at the time of moving into the halls, what should I do? You should contact us directly at the Accommodation Office ( so that we can inform you of additional paperwork that will need to be completed.

If I leave University will I be liable for rent for the whole year? If you decide to officially withdraw from University you will be liable for rent up to the day you vacate your room plus a four week cancellation fee from the date you return your room key.

When can I occupy my room? Move-in day is Saturday 13th September 2014 between 10am and 4pm. Specific instructions regarding this day will be included in the information you receive with your room offer. You will be greeted by University staff and students and issued with your room key. We are unable to accommodate early arrivals due to summer commitments.

What else can I arrange on move-in day? You will be able to register with your GP, discuss your insurance cover and collect your University Student Card. Further details will be sent to residents before move-in day.

Is there anything else taking place on move-in day? Yes, there will be a free BBQ on each campus from 5pm followed by activities on the Students' Union bars. You Halls inductions will be taking place on the afternoon of Sunday 14th September followed by our Sunday Funday.

Can I arrive later? While this is possible we strongly advise all residents to move in on Sat 13th Sept. Please email if you have any questions/concerns about this.

Can I bring my car? No, unless there is some specific medical reason to make an exception, no cars can be kept on campus or at the halls.  This is a part of the terms & conditions of the halls contract.

Can I bring my dog/cat/hamster/budgie etc? No, sorry. Exceptions are made for guide dogs or similar, but generally no pets are allowed.

What bills will I have to pay? All hall charges include fuel and water bills, Internet access and basic room contents insurance. Cleaning of communal and kitchen area's is included (once a week), students are responsable to clean their individual rooms. You will need to allow for food and entertainment!

What is provided by us? Cooker, microwave, fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket and dustpan and brush.

What equipment should I bring? Duvet, pillows, sheets, linen, towels, pans, crockery, cutlery, toiletries, iron, ironing board and your favourite personal possessions.   

What items shouldn't I bring? Your motor vehicle (there is a no motor vehicle rule for Halls students), pets, large electrical appliances (fridge, microwave etc), deep fat frying equipment, large musical instruments (drums, decks etc.)

Do I need to arrange insurance of my possessions? Room insurance is included in your rent through Endsleigh. More information will be provided when you receive your room offer along with the option to extend this cover to external items.

Can I bring electrical appliances such as fridges, microwaves etc? No, but these are already provided in the Halls kitchens.

What about smaller items such as hairdryers, straighteners etc? Yes, but shortly after commencement of Autumn term electricians will carry out testing of all appliances to make sure they are safe. Any items found not to be safe must be removed from Halls.

Do I need a TV licence if I have a TV in my room? Yes, a TV licence is legally required for each study bedroom.

What pastoral care is offered to students in Halls of Residence?
There is a Residential Support Team whose primary role is to provide pastoral support to Halls students. The Residential Support Team are supported by Residential Assistants. These are students who have returned to Halls to contribute to the support of resident students having been through the experience themselves. There is also 24 on call security to further enhance the support available to you.

If I cause damage will I get charged? Yes, a charges list is included in the information you receive with your room offer.

What will happen if I break by terms and conditions? Normally, there would be an investigation and depending out the seriousness of the offence you would be issued with an official warning letter. Subsequent offences could lead to relocation or being asked to leave Halls of Residence.

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