Undergraduate Research NTF Project


This project was awarded funding in the Higher Education Academy's NTFS project strand.

Welcome to the Leading, Promoting and Supporting Undergraduate Research project site.  This project on undergraduate research in new universities analyses a crucial topic of international importance in order to identify transferable practices and inform policy seeking to enhance the student experience at institutional and national levels. The findings will be of interest to the whole UK higher education sector and beyond.


The aim of the project is to provide HEIs and other stakeholders with a review and a sector analysis alongside multiple case studies on undergraduate research. 


 Our working definition of undergraduate research includes Boyer’s (1990) scholarships of discovery, integration and application (engagement) and is characterised by breadth:

undergraduate research describes student engagement from induction to graduation, individually and in groups, in inquiry into disciplinary, professional and community-based problems and issues, including involvement in knowledge exchange activities.


The project’s work includes: an analysis of new universities’ research-informed teaching statements, policies and practices; an inter-University benchmarking exercise on research-teaching links; a review and analysis of approaches to the leadership of undergraduate research in North America; the identification and development of ten case studies to illustrate the range of ways in which English new universities are leading and fostering undergraduate research at institutional, department and course levels; and trialling and evaluation of three undergraduate research initiatives at UoG.



CASTL Project

From 2006-9, the University of Gloucestershire was also a member of the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), and part of their Leadership Programme on Undergraduate Research in conjunction with our Centre for Active Learning. 


This Leadership programme focuses on the intersection of undergraduate research and the scholarship of teaching and learning. “Beginning with the end in mind,” the group addresses five questions: What is undergraduate research (inquiry, discovery, investigation) and how can responses to this question be contextualized by institutional nature and values while striving for “common ground”; Why should we integrate undergraduate research; What is the nature of the impact of undergraduate research with students, faculty, institutions; How do we gather evidence of student undergraduate research learning, faculty learning, institutional learning; How do we build on the best of what is known, share our learning and contribute to the larger conversations about undergraduate research?


Coordinating Institution: Malaspina University-College




University of Gloucestershire, The Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 2RH. Telephone +44 (0)844 8010001.