National Student Survey  

The National Student Survey is coming in February 2015!

Every year, thousands of final year undergraduate students around the country are asked for their opinion on all aspects of university life. The result is the National Student Survey (NSS), which started in 2005. It is a vital means of us getting your views on your courses and your experience as a student here. In 2014 over 71% of our eligible students completed the NSS. We listen to what you say in a bid to constantly improve the student experience. It provides the government and universities with key information about how to address the needs and expectations of students, whatever you choose to study.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the NSS work and who is it run by?
The NSS covers all publicly funded Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the United Kingdom, including participating institutions in Scotland and Further Education Colleges with directly funded HE students in England. Students in their final year are asked for feedback on their courses, while those on flexible courses will be asked towards the end of their studies. The survey is run by an independent research agency, Ipsos MORI, who collect and analyse all the responses and provide results to the public, HE funding bodies and participating institutions. All respondents remain anonymous as Ipsos MORI does not send any personal data to institutions.

What questions does it ask?
The survey asks 23 core questions, based on seven topics:
- Teaching on my course
- Assessment and feedback
- Organisation and management
- Learning resources
- Personal development
- Overall satisfaction
- Students' Union

The full survey questions can be seen on the NSS website

How do I make myself heard?
Along with the core questions students also have the chance to provide positive and negative comments on their experience as a whole, in the form of free written commentary. These are anonymous, and samples of them are passed on to the institution to help them make improvements. Some institutions, including the University of Gloucestershire, have also opted to ask additional questions. The results from these questions are used internally only to inform future developments.

Eligible students are able to complete the survey online between early February and the end of April. You will receive a personal e-mail to your student account, inviting you to complete the survey online. If you do not receive an e-mail by mid February, and are eligible, you can access the survey directly from the NSS website and can complete it online.

Does the University respond to the questions and issues raised?

Yes - Your comments are discussed and analysed and actions are taken to best address the issues identified. Headline results and action plans are reported through the university management system to ensure that action is taken. We also feedback on the actions taken through our Course Representatives, so that you know that we are listening and responding.

What were some of the main concerns expressed by students last year?

These included: limited library opening times; limited module choices; access to MACS or specialist ICT at Park and access to ICT at FCH; the quality of the SU and bar at FCH. More comments are displayed on the You Said We Did posters to the left of this screen.

What were some of the main positive responses from students about the University?

You told us lots of things about how we do things well. This included the enthusiasm and friendliness of staff, that our staff are good at explaining things in their teaching, the improved speed with which you get feedback on assessments, that our courses are very good at developing your presentation and communication skills, that you have seen real and significant improvements in library provision, and the high quality of teaching and praise for practical work and field trips.

If I have an issue while studying at the University, where can I go for help?
Our award winning Student Helpzones offer a one stop shop for advice and support both personally and academically so are a good place to start. To find out more please visit

Where can I find the results for Gloucestershire?
Right here!   2014 results   2013 results   2012 results   2011 results   

The NSS results are also part of the Key Information Set (KIS) data provided to inform students' choice of university. These can be found on individual university course pages and on the Unistats website. The Unistats website allows results to be compared by course for different UK institutions.

How can I find out more about the survey?
For full details about the survey please visit
The Higher Education Funding Council also publishes national reports. These can be found at 

University of Gloucestershire, The Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 2RH. Telephone +44 (0)844 8010001.